Looking for a Graduate Position?

Graduate starting salaries in IT are on average higher then in other industries, which is always a good start. As the IT industry is an area of constant change, there is masses of potential for your future career development. Whether or not you have an IT based degree, as long as you have the aptitude and the determination to succeed then you could well be well on your way to becoming the IT Directors and Project Managers of tomorrow.

Coachwood is always on the lookout for graduates looking to start their IT career. We have many prestigious clients who are happy to provide the training and career development opportunities graduates need.

Coachwood is a specialist IT recruitment consultancy. Our role as an agency is to introduce, mediate and negotiate between people with IT experience/qualifications and companies looking to take people on with these skills. In return we receive a fee or margin from the company which covers the costs of the recruitment consultants time etc.

Agencies will have a list of clients — these are the companies to which the agency regularly supply staff. The recruitment consultant will build a partnership with these clients so that each time the company has a requirement the agency is notified of it. Your agency acts as your gateway to these companies, and, because of the agency’s partnerships with their clients, and their pre-screening of candidates, your CV is likely to be more positively received by a future employer. The agency should also act as your information source and provide impartial advice about the industry, skill trends, rates and potential employers.