To stay competitive, your company needs to keep a strategic balance between its contract and full-time technology professionals. By maintaining the proper mix, you can react more quickly to shifting staffing needs and maximise the use of your existing resources.

When IT contractors are used as part of a long-range flexible staffing plan, their function is twofold to supplement the skills and expertise of the full-time workforce and to protect the jobs of core full-time employees by providing a flexible staffing "buffer."

When preparing your IT budget, we suggest including categories for both scheduled and potential projects. IT professionals we provide are placed into two major categories:

IT professionals who require advanced, specialised technical ability, including the ability to plan and implement strategic initiatives. They can help with the implementation of major IT projects, such as the design and development of e-commerce applications, implementation and customisation of new ERP systems or development of a data warehouse.

These individuals include help desk, inter-networking engineers and desktop support specialists, who install newly designed systems and applications and teach employees how to use them. Implementations are often project-based and require additional staff to roll out and support the new technology.

If you enjoy having the opportunity to work directly with an IT professional for an "evaluation" period before offering him or her a full-time position, speak to your Coachwood representative about our "contract-to-hire" option.

Our success as a provider of IT contract solutions to a diverse range of organisations is based on our intelligent recruitment process ensuring that we understand your business, its culture and the nature of each specific role so that we constantly deliver the right people. Thus we provide your organisation an effective solution with unrivalled standards of quality and professionalism.

Our impressive repeat business figure of over 90% offers proof that we provide a consistently outstanding recruitment service.

Coachwood can provide contractors with expertise in many areas of IT, including: support, systems management, programming, analysis, project management, internet technology, voice and data communication.